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How to get to Fourni island

By Ship

For the timetable of Nissos Mykonos and Nissos Rodos please enter the site of Hellenic Seaways.

See analytical schedules of Panagia Theotokos and Dodekanios Pride - Fourni travel

By Airplane

A different way to reach somebody to Fourni island is to travel by airplane to Samos or Ikaria islands and from there to request the ship which connects daily the island of Fourni with both islands. From Samos there is a local ship for Fourni ( from the ports of Vathi and Karlovassi). From Ikaria the ship departs from Agios Kirikos port.

Beaches at Fourni

Campi Beach

It is located about 1 km from the port. You can get there on foot or by using transportation mean and parked it after the hill, because the access to the beach is by stairs. It is a beach without umbrellas, beach bars etc. On the other hand there are plenty of trees where you can find shadow. After having a swim inside the extremely clean and deep blue sea water, you have the possibility to taste fresh sea and cooked food at the taverns which are on the beach and to fresh yourselves by pre-ordering a soft drink from the beach’s cantina.

Psili Ammos

It is located in a five minutes distance on foot from the center of the island. It is the only organized beach of Fourni, with umbrellas and beach bar, which is operating all day and at the night time until the first morning hours.

Other Beaches

Fourni are surrounded besides from several beaches and bays of natural beauty with green-blue sea waters. By a transportation mean or fishing boats, you can go to : St. John, Vitsilia, Vlichada, Kassidi, Koumari, Bali, Petrokopio, Elidaki, Aspa, Koumara, Ampelos and others……
Across of Fourni there is the island of Thimaina, an original fishing village with the magnificent beach of Keramidous. Charter a fishing boat and discover the sheer and lacy coast of Thimaina, the Lakko, the Ikariotiko, the St. Nikolaki. At Chrissomilia settlement there is the homonym beach as also the beach of St. Trinity.

Taverns with amply fresh fish food you can also find at the beaches of Chrissomilia, Kamari and Keramidous.


Beach Bar "Psili Ammos". You can enjoy yourselves by having a drink and dancing until the morning hours on the beach.

Café Bar "Milos". A gentrificated windmill, built on one of the most beautiful places of the island. There you can enjoy your drink with the island of Fourni sight view.

"The place of Skevos". It is located at the central road of the island. There, you can relish your drink by listening relaxing music.

The Ouzo Bar “Andreas and the "Katsaplias" is located at the beach of "chora" and there you can drink ouzo with your company by testing the magnificent dishes with octopus.

Food & local products

The island is famous for the fresh and good fish. So, in every tavern you will be founded, ask for the fresh fishes which are existing, and you will not regret it. Also, do not hesitate to order pasta with lobster, so that the prices are low. It is not a matter of luck that people who likes good food (especially fish lovers), suggests Fourni as one of the best destinations for fresh fish food to parade from your dishes! It is not a matter of luck that on the sponsors posts of the island, the pictures, except of the beaches and the village contains pasta with lobster. Then again, if you do not like lobster, then the menu is filling up with special pasta with shrimps, grilled octopus, mussels and almost all the kind of fishes in extremely budget prices. Circumstantial we suggest in the passages below:

"Militos". Fish food fished by the owner himself – pasta with lobster. "Nikos". Special fish soup – pasta with lobster – sea food. "Delfinakia". Pasta with shrimps – pasta with lobster – mussels with mustard sauce.

Studio Bilios (port) and the central square of the island, you will find Souvlaki chop houses and at the central road you is the "Koutouki tou Psarakou" with special cooked food and meat. Taverns are also available at Campi and Chrissomilia.

Fourni are kwown as fishing areas. It is not a matter of luck that this small island carries out one of the most considerable fishing boat fleet of Northeast Aegean. In addition, the most abiders of the island are fishermen.

Local products
Even the very fresh fish at Fourni, it is worthy to buy local honey made from thyme, mizithra and other kind of cheeses.




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